The project will address four areas in the capital city of Prague, near the protected areas of the Prokop Valley (cadastral area Jinonice and Radlice). None of the study sites areas is included among protected areas (by Czech law).

Map of study sites (Aerial photo CUZK)

A) Jinonice – a system of three plots around the Jeremiášova street.

A1 – parcel No. 1270/1 – heterogeneous habitat, elongated plot with southern exposure, mostly overgrown with shrubby to forest-steppe vegetation, with predominant open habitats in the northern part.

A2 – parcel No. 1267 – plot with its borders approaching to the Prokop Valley nature reserve. Within the project, only a smaller part will be managed (0.1 ha) on the northern edge, extending into the field block.

A3 – parcel No. 1249/1 – plot heavily overgrown with shrubby vegetation, with S to SE exposure.

B) Na Rovinách – a system of four newly grassland areas (total 2.3 ha; established in spring 2020) on former arable land (on two plots), with sown nectar-bearing plants (chicory, ligrus).

B1 – parcel No. 1032/1 – a system of three meadow areas with a total area of ​​1.6 ha is created within the whole plot.

B2 – parcel No. 1014 – one newly created meadow area (the entire area of ​​the plot).

C) Dívčí hrady – a large, newly created complex of grasslands and sainfoin patches. It is a former arable land converted into grassland with tree plantings (in 2017), partially fenced for the purpose of horse grazing. At the end of the summer of 2020, small patches of other nectar-rich plants were also sown here.

C1 – parcel No. 461/1

C2 – parcel No. 456/1

D) Radlicko – near the Radlická street. Two adjoining plots, heavily overgrown with shrubs and trees, with north to northwest exposure. The project will address a total area of ​​1.5 hectares.

D1 – parcel No. 506/1

D2 – parcel No. 506/2