We have cleaned and watered Dívčí Hrady

On Saturday, March 25, we worked diligently on the hillside below Dívčí Hrady from the morning. Rakes, pitchforks and sacks were in permanence, as we raked the cut bushes together with the old wood chips and transferred them to large piles. A lot of volunteers from the public also arrived, so the work went pretty smoothly. Before noon, the youngest participants took a trip to the Jinofarm community farm, from where the goats will be moved here below Dívčí Hrady during the spring. The children were happy with them for now and then they just returned to the fire, by which we had lunch together. Even though some of the volunteers gradually left after lunch, we were still digging in a fairly large group until almost four in the afternoon, before the dark clouds began to descend. Just before the abundant spring break, we managed to clean up all the tools and go under the roof. Many thanks to all the helpers and we look forward to seeing you, for example, when observing butterflies!

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