September management at Na Rovinách and at Albrechtův vrch sites

At the beginning of September, the third strip mowing of meadows at Na Rovinách took place. The uncut strips are full of pink blossoms of sainfoin. Further management action took place in forest-steppe stands near Albrechtův vrch, where another meadow area was mown using a mosaic pattern and biomass was removed.

Management of forest-steppe stands Albrechtův vrch was launched

On August 10, we tried our newly purchased brush cutter and started with a mosaic-like mowing of forest-steppe stands in the meadow areas at Albrechtův vrch. As the name suggests, mowing is performed in the shape of a mosaic – some places remain uncut so that residents from mown places can move there. After some time, unmown patches are mown as well.